One of the thrilling discoveries for casual spectators of polo, is how close they feel to the action in Arena Polo. Viewers are transported into the intensity of the game, with human and equine athletes racing past them in a thundering gallop, maneuvering, bumping, jostling, and breaking away at full speed toward the goal. For over fifteen years, John Gobin, has been effectively showcasing the exhilaration of the sport to thousands of spectators at Twilight Polo. Year after year, players of all levels pursue the glory of competition and victory in front of a packed and cheering crowd.

“We continue to elevate the polo experience and grow our family-friendly environment. We have players from around the world come to play with us under the lights at Twilight Polo.”  – John Gobin

John Gobin

Originally hailing from Massachusetts, John Gobin is a world-class polo player who has been playing polo for over 30 years. He is the former captain of the US Polo Team and has played in prestigious tournaments all over the world. He founded the Twilight Polo School alongside the Polo Club when he took over management of polo operations for the Great Meadow Foundation. Since then, he has taught dozens of individuals how to play polo and many have become great supporters of the sport.