Twilight Polo School is open at our new location in Middleburg, Virginia.


If you have an urge to try the exhilarating game of polo, you’ve come to the right place! Twilight Polo School is committed to providing the highest quality polo instruction, where horsemanship and safety come first.

Twilight Polo School was established along with the club to build future generations of players. The School teaches the importance of riding skills, hitting techniques, horsemanship and respect for the rules of the game. We welcome all skill levels and riding experience.

We can design a program that best suits you. The following is a breakdown of what you will learn:

Polo Riding: Learning to ride polo style. Initial introduction will take place in the arena and then move to the open field.
Hitting: Learning to hit the polo ball and various shots (nearside, offside, back forehand, neck shots, tail and open shots.)
Rules and Safety: Instruction on the rules of the game and how to play safely.
Strategy: Instruction on how the game is actually played including the player’s individual and team responsibilities.
Stick and Ball: Putting it all together, riding and hitting the ball.
Chukkers: Actually playing the game with players of comparable experience.
The program can be scheduled at the convenience of the student and pro.

FOR BEGINNERS: We supply everything. All you need is a pair of jeans or riding pants and some boots or shoes. Gloves are optional.

FOR EXPERIENCE PLAYERS: Feel free to bring whatever personal polo gear (helmet, boots, knee guards, mallets, gloves) you feel most comfortable with and we will provide the rest. We will match you with players that best suit your level of experience.

Pricing: Lessons $150/hour

All participants must sign a liability release.

Please contact us for more information! Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this fun and exciting sport! John and Whitney look forward to a great season at the polo school.

Contact us for more information: 540.253.9845 or [email protected]

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